Blessing of the Quilts

On October 22, Zoar will have a special service of blessing and dedication for the quilts made by Zoar hands. These quilts will be sent around the world to comfort millions of people affected by war, storm, and famine.

Lutherans are known for many wonderful things around the world, not the least of which are quilts. Wherever there are people crushed by natural disasters and humanitarian and refugee crises, Lutherans are there in mass through the Lutheran World Relief. Combining the compassion and resources of 72 million Lutherans worldwide, LWR brings lasting aid to the suffering world. One of the most visible gifts LWR delivers are the quilts, handmade by individual Lutheran churches around the world. These provide comfort, shelter, and protection from the elements for people who are displaced from their homes. Recognizing that “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” and that Zoar holds a small but key place in God’s global community, worship will lift up themes of thanksgiving for our worldwide communion.