A Study Through the Book of Genesis

Begins January 7th

9:45 AM

We humans are deeply interested in our origins. Identifying ancestors and one’s geographic and cultural roots is not new. In fact, the title of the Bible’s first book, Genesis, is borrowed from the Greek word for “origin.” Genesis is concerned with the origin of the earth’s creation, of humankind, of civilization, and of one family chosen by God to be the medium of world blessing.

This 8-week study will explore how the stories portray God’s character and intentions and who we are in relationship to God and the rest of creation. The stories of the difficulties, temptations, and doubts of the characters in Genesis also provides a space for religious people to wrestle with our own spiritual struggles and doubts. We will also identify how Genesis was shaped by and addressed its ancient culture as well as how present-day culture influences our reading.

Led by Donna Laird (Ph.D. in Old Testament studies), we will follow the Genesis study guide from Augsburg-Fortress Press’s Books of Faith Series.  Class will meet in the conference room.